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Frequently asked questions.

Why Managed Space?

Managed spaces offer a flexible and cost-effective option for individuals and businesses who need a professional workspace without the long-term commitment and expense of traditional office spaces. They provide a collaborative environment, networking opportunities, and access to amenities such as high-speed internet, meeting rooms, and office equipment. Additionally, Managed spaces offer a sense of community, work-life balance, and opportunities for growth and learning

Are you in multiple locations ?

  At the moment we are only available in Egmore.We intend to open in different localities in near future.

How do I benefit from Managed Space?

The rewards of choosing flexible office spaces are countless; both from the employer’s and employee’s end. It is worthwhile from all angles, flexible seating layout, fully furnished setup, housekeeping staff, maintenance staff, access to breakout areas and meeting rooms. 

Is Managed suitable for me?

If your a start up or small time business ,Ideally it will be more suitable for you to avoid capital cost and the process of setting up and maintaining will be cut and help you on productivity.

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343, 7th Floor ,Fountain plaza, Pantheon road ,Egmore ,      Chennai-600008


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